Our Vision as a private equity firm is to provide businesses with the strategic direction and capital to grow and realise their full potential.

We Partner with like-minded business owners and talented management teams to achieve ambitious, shared growth objectives.

We Invest in sector-leading businesses delivering quality-oriented products and services where our strategic insights and capital can drive growth.


We work closely with management teams to develop and roll out ambitious but achievable growth strategies.

Our industry expertise and experience enable us to develop plans that ensure businesses will grow and realise their full potential.


We are flexible in our investment approach and will consider supporting management buy-outs, buy-ins, replacement capital and growth capital.

We have no set investment time horizon and expect to invest in businesses for a minimum of 5 years.  We remain invested for as long as we can help businesses.


We empower management teams to deliver agreed expansion plans.

We play an advisory role, providing strategic direction when required. 

We believe that the interests of shareholders and management must be aligned.  Management must be appropriately incentivised to deliver the growth strategy.

Depending on the level of our investment we will appoint one or more representatives to the Board of Directors. 

Our goal is to build stronger, more successful, thriving businesses that benefit not only investors but also management, employees and their communities.

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